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Beginner’s Guide: What are the different ways to use cannabis?

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If you browse through the internet, you’ll find around hundreds of ways to use cannabis. However, beginners are looking out for the simplest way to consume marijuana. With the increase of cannabis consumers, people have devised various ways for ingestion,such as topical solutions, edibles, THC oils, and many more. Depending on the reason for consumption, every method has several benefits.

The availability of cannabis online has made it even easier for people to get access to it. Whether it’s for recreational purposes or medical use, cannabis users are in constant search of unique ways to consume cannabis. So, in this guide,we’ve mentioned some of the easiest and widely-followed ways to consume cannabis.

One of the easiest and popular ways of consuming cannabis for beginners is consuming THC capsules or pills. These capsules contain suspended cannabis in oil. The best part is, this method is suitable for those who suffer from respiratory issues. Not just that, when you consume these capsules, you get an accurate dose, which will help treat the illness.

When compared to smoking, the consumption of capsules is considered safer, as you know how much THC is entering into your system. You can try out the Osmosis Stress Less Capsules to lower the level of anxiety or stress. You can easily order cannabis online, given it’s legalized in your country or region.

Experienced smokers consume cannabis flowers through the Bong, which typically looks like a water pipe. Though they differ in design and size, one common thing between them is, the smoke is cooled down by the water before it reaches your lungs. Not just that, the water also helps in eradicating carcinogens that are usually found in the smoke.

When this method of consumption is used, cannabis hits fast and intense, and this is why most people are opting for it. Apart from that, the ease with which it can be inhaled, makes it a popular choice among people, especially the beginners. If you’re opting for this method, you should try out the Nepalese Charas Hash.

You probably might have seen a stoner on the roadside rolling something and then using it like a cigar. Well, that thing is called a joint and is very popular among stoners. You’d need not more than two things to use this: rolling papers and a bud. If you are shopping for cannabis online, you’ll find different varieties of paper such as wood pulp, flavored, hemp, rice, etc.

If you’re a beginner, you should try out the pre-rolled joints such as Black Diamond Pre-Rolls. This way, you don’t have to learn the techniques to roll a joint. However, if you’re a pro at rolling joints, you can get only the bud, such as Premium AAAA Mix And Match Ounce. Get your favorite strains from the variety of options available online.

Edibles are the best option for consumers who want to either hide it from their parents or partners. As they just look like any other brownie or cookies, no one would ever doubt it. Apart from that, you also get different flavors and items to choose from, such as snacks, candies, cookies, brownies, teas, and other ingredients required for cooking.

Just type in edible cannabis online, and you’d get a list of options on your monitor. However, when you consume it in a digestible form, it’ll take one to two hours to hit. Also, it’s very intense and lasts longer when compared to any other method of ingestion. Try out one of our most popular sellers; Mary’s Chocolate Bars, especially if you’re a chocolate-lover as well.

  • Dabbing 

Dabs are considered as concentrated cannabis, which is made by the extraction of cannabinoids and THC from a cannabis plant. Solvents like carbon dioxide, butane, or ethanol are often used in the process of extraction. The outcome is a kind of sticky oil called wax, budder, shatter, RSO, or butane hash oil (BSO). If you prefer budder, try out the Extracts Bundle, and for shatter, try the Sour Jack Shatter or our new mix and match shatter quarter ounce 

Dabbing is a tricky process often used by experienced consumers. It would be best if you had a dab rig, e-nail, or torch. Place a little amount of wax concentrate over the vaporizer or rig, and then heat it from one side. It’ll begin to discharge the ingredients, and you can inhale the smoke coming out of it. The best part is, it’s very easy on the lungs, which makes this method different and preferable from all other ways.
You can find dab rigs on our accessories page.

This is the least favorite method and should only be opted when you’re dissatisfied with edibles and smoking. Cannabis tinctures are oil-based as well as alcohol extracts, that can be consumed sublingually (by placing under the tongue). Though they hit quickly than the edibles, their duration is still less as compared to edibles. Also, it offers a longer effect than smoking. In simpler terms, you get to experience the best of both when you use Tincture.

You’ll come across it when you shop for cannabis online. Tinctures act faster because they quickly get absorbed into your bloodstream. What makes it best for medicinal use is the ease with which one can regulate and measure the dosage. If you’ve fed up with all other methods, get the Medusa Botanicals 5000mg.(our highest CBD tincture dose at a reasonable market price)


We hope the methods mentioned above have proved to be helpful. If you want to look for further methods, you can browse through the internet. Innovations in the cannabis world bring you several other ways to consume cannabis if you cannot smoke. With so many methods to choose from, getting a dose of CBD or THC has become easier than ever. The access to cannabis depends upon whether or not the consumption of cannabis is legalized in your region. Most of the countries are now legalizing the use of cannabis for medical as well as recreational purposes by acknowledging its medicinal benefits.

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