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Want to buy cannabis in Canada Online?

We offer on-demand options to buy cannabis online in Canada at affordable price. We are a marijuana dispensary and offer mail order cannabis for medicinal users across Canada.

Trusted by many cannabis consumers in Canada, it is always easy to buy cannabis online with us. We deliver the tested & best cannabis online in Canada.


With more than hundreds of cannabis products in inventory, we work with only MMAR certified producers to offer our customers the top grade cannabis to buy online in Canada – providing the best medicine to our patients.


Our deep understandings of the cannabis industry & rigorous commitment to deliver the best cannabis online in Canada have made us the most trusted name in the cannabis industry. While our mission is to educate consumers and provide safe, legal access to cannabis for a better life, we always strive to offer the best customer service. It takes 1-5 days to ship our products.

Many of our customers are using our products for years and you’ll know that what you’re ordering from West Coast Supply.

If Not Sativa/Indica, What Predicts Effects?

Understanding the basic properties of cannabinoids and terpenes goes a long way to helping you find the cannabis product or strain for you the next time you buy cannabis online. Indica and sativa are terms that existed before we understood how import terpenes and cannabinoids were to the overall effect of cannabis. But you don’t have to live like that anymore! Along with knowing your tolerance, dosage and consumption method, you can now annoyingly show off to your friends while also suggesting the best weed for them to try.


These are the chemical compounds that naturally occur in cannabis plants. THC and CBD are two of the most common and give you some pretty familiar effects:

  • THC: This is the source of your snack attacks and poor late night food decision-making. THC makes you hungry, feel high and helps relieve pain, discomfort and nausea.
  • CBD: This is the source of your creativity and focus. CBD alleviates pain, anxiety, stress, inflammation and many more medical conditions.

Instead of choosing a strain based on whether it’s an indica or sativa, try this instead:

  • THC Dominant: Buy this for a strong euphoric journey. THC can warp your sense of time, slow your movements and cause a feeling of elation.
  • CBD Dominant: If you’d like to keep your mind more or less alert throughout the day, high CBD strains ease anxiety and some even find them invigorating without significant physical or cognitive impairment.
  • 50/50 THC & CBD: No explanation needed.


Akin to aromatherapy, terpenes are compounds produced by fruit and plants, and give cannabis its smell. They also have a major say over the sedating and energizing effects you may experience. These are too complicated to think about but knowing the most commons ones are a good idea.

Buy Cannabis Online with West Coast Supply

Buy cannabis online with West Coast Supply, because we are one of the best suppliers in Canada. What makes us the best? We have been dealing with weed for years and years and now that it’s legal in Canada, we are more than happy to share the experience with our customers. We have the experience and expertise which helps in providing high-quality cannabis products online. We have a huge collection of weed products that are designed to meet your specific needs. We have weed, edibles, accessories and more

You can buy cannabis online with us and get the best product. You don’t have to worry about who is watching as we ensure discreet product delivery. We only provide high-quality products at the most amazing prices. Buy cannabis online right from the comfort of your home and enjoy your favorite weed anytime you want. Our expert team ensures that only high-quality products are offered to our customers. 

Using the weed comes with many benefits. It provides both physical and mental benefits. It is used for both recreational and medical purposes and you can buy cannabis online to meet your specific needs. Make sure to browse our products and choose your favorites and order them online.

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