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Hash vs. Marijuana: How are the two different from each other?

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The cannabis plant isn’t just popular for marijuana production. There is another popular option that has been in the market for quite some time. Hash or Hashish is the drug created from cannabis plant resins. It is generally consumed by the process of smoking via a bong, pipe, vaporizer, or joint. It can also be consumed through the oral ingestion process. 

When you buy hash online, Canada, make sure you keep in mind that pure hashish might not burn if rolled all by itself. This is why it is mixed with tobacco, cannabis, and other herbs to be consumed or, in this case, inhaled. 

Hash is known by other names which include:

  • Nup
  • Shish
  • Charas
  • Kif

It is generally shaped up in the form of a soap bar, candy bar, patties, or small cakes. Plus, the name can be accompanied by its country of origin such as the blonde Lebanese, Black Afghan, or the Moroccan. 

Now that you know everything about hash let us point out the differences between the two in better detail. 

Comparison Chart: Hash vs. Marijuana

Comparison Criteria Hashish Marijuana
Introduction It is a cannabis-based product comprised of purified and compressed preparations of the trichomes (Stalked resin-liked glands in the plant) Prepared from dried & cured flowers plucked from the cannabis plants which is intended to be used as a medicine or psychoactive drug
Legal Status in Canada Legal Legal
Derived From Cannabis Plant Cannabis Plant
Ingestion Vaporizing, Eating, Smoking Combustion via bonds, pipes, wraps, or cigarettes / Vaporization via vape pens

You can also use it through creams, edibles, or transdermal patches

Active Ingredient Tetrahydrocannabinol Tetrahydrocannabinol
Name Origin Arabic American Latin American
Form Paste or Semi-Solid Cured and Dried Flowers


Contents: Marijuana vs. Hash


If you are planning to buy hash online, Canada, you need to first understand the origin story of hash and marijuana. Cannabis has been a part of the Canadian culture for centuries and is known for its health benefits and psychoactive potentials. With its recent legalization, cannabis has reached a whole new level of popularity while being monitored in a way better than before by the government. 

Apart from Canada, cannabis has also been used in different areas of the globe. The cannabis users in the Middle East and Africa preferred to consume the plant’s resin that houses a fairly large dosage of THC. 

In the Arabic language, the word “Hashish” is translated to grass. Despite the strict prohibitions, the hash is readily available all across places such as Africa, Asia, Europe, or the Middle East. 


Well, as we know, both marijuana and hash/hashish comes from the cannabis plant. Marijuana is also known by its popular nickname “weed.” It is generally founded in tropical & subtropical climates. In order to make marijuana, the stems, buds, & flowers are plucked from the mature cannabis plant &dried to be smoked. 

On the other hand, hash/hashish is extracted in an entirely different manner. When you buy hash online, Canada, make sure you look for the sellers that can be relied upon. The cultivators tend to separate the glandular hairs present in the plant called trichomes. It is then compressed in the form of a dense, dark-colored block with the use of heat. When you look at the hash under a high-magnification microscope, the trichomes appear in the form of a viscous and clear tentacle. The final product, in this case, resembles the marijuana sap. 

3-Legal Status:

Broadly speaking, marijuana or products derived from marijuana are actually illegal in different parts of the world. However, day-by-day different countries are opening up to the potential health benefits of opting for marijuana. One such country is Canada that has recently legalized the recreational and medical use of marijuana. 

Marijuana, as such, is illegal in several countries but it is tolerated & used openly in Pakistan. Plus, marijuana is legal in Uruguay & Netherlands. Another exception for marijuana legalization is in countries like Iran and Spain that allow its cultivation, but the local government forbids the use. 

If you are someone who lives in the U.S., marijuana cultivation and use are illegal as stated in the United States Federal Law. However, it is legal in certain places with certain restrictions such as Washington State & Colorado. 

On the other hand, Hash isn’t specifically illegal when you talk about places such as Netherlands, Pakistan, Uruguay, Washington, or Colorado. If you are someone living in Canada, you can obtain hash in a regular way while adhering to the local laws. However, when you buy hash online, Canada, make sure you test out the quality of the same and purchase only from a reputed seller. Given the fact that hash and marijuana are both parts of the same plant, the legal restrictions could be a bit confusing. 


Both marijuana and hash are known to be available on a wide-scale in the illegally operating black markets all around the world. However, you can buy hash online, Canada, in a legal manner given that they have been legalized recently along with marijuana. 

In Canada, marijuana enjoys more popularity as opposed to the hash. On the other hand, places such as Asia and Europe enjoy the use of hash as opposed to marijuana. The users living in the North American cities enjoy hash which is popularly known as resin in the area. Some of the users also cultivate the same from a drug named paraphernalia. 


Several cultures all over the world believe that the cannabis plant brings in some special physical as well as spiritual benefits. Studies conducted by scientists from different parts of the world have depicted that the THC present in the cannabis plant can help reduce pain and nausea, which is associated with certain diseases such as cancer and AIDS. Further, THC can also help in mediating the symptoms show by glaucoma. 

For most, the main motive of marijuana use is recreational, and the same applies to hash as well. Both these cannabis products help induce a sense of euphoria for the users. 


Given the fact that hashish houses a higher THC concentration as opposed to marijuana, a smaller amount is required to get high. However, the high you experience can vary depending on the plant it has been sourced from. This is why it is critical that you buy hash online, Canada, from reliable sources to get a product of the highest quality. In general, you need to keep the consumption of hash moderated to ensure that there are no negative effects on your body or mind.


While marijuana is the boss in the cannabis world, the hash is slowly gaining popularity among the users. Depending on your needs, you can either go for hash or marijuana. But, the point is to look for sellers that enjoy a good reputation among the clients/customers. This will help you grab the highest quality weed or hashish when you buy hash online, Canada. 

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