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Apollo Edibles 2000mg
Apollo Edibles 2000mg September 26, 2023

effective and long lasting. a new favorite of mine!
sarah murray - avatar sarah murray
Strawberry Kush AAA
Strawberry Kush AAA September 26, 2023

Very nice.
RyanGreen - avatar RyanGreen
Lemon Sour Diesel AAA
Lemon Sour Diesel AAA September 26, 2023

No complaints. Very solid high
RyanGreen - avatar RyanGreen
Melonade AAA
Melonade AAA September 26, 2023

Very fruity. 4 stars
RyanGreen - avatar RyanGreen
Top Gun Hash
Top Gun Hash September 26, 2023

I wouldn’t call it the smoothest hash (I really miss the old selection) but the price was right
RyanGreen - avatar RyanGreen
Mac 1 AAA
Mac 1 AAA September 26, 2023

Solid high, not as tasty as I like but 4 stars either way
RyanGreen - avatar RyanGreen
Gorilla Glue #4 AAA
Gorilla Glue #4 AAA September 26, 2023

Great buzz, great taste
RyanGreen - avatar RyanGreen
Slurricane AAAA
Slurricane AAAA September 25, 2023

One of those strains that has the exact effects as the description provided. I’ve been using it occasionally as a treat.
CoryFreakinW - avatar CoryFreakinW
Gods Gift AAAA
Gods Gift AAAA September 25, 2023

I could pretty much smoke this variety forever, top drawer
CoryFreakinW - avatar CoryFreakinW
Delush CBD Magic Stick (300mg)
Delush CBD Magic Stick (300mg) September 25, 2023

This will be my sixth Delush Magic Stick I have order in the last 10 months. No, I am not in that much pain but I do let people sample one that are in pain. And then I am ordering them one… number six please. Thank you, Muskoka Ontario loves this product! Be kind.
Kathy - avatar Kathy
Bruce Banner AAAA
Bruce Banner AAAA September 20, 2023

Great smoke, really enjoyed this strain.
JellyBell - avatar JellyBell
Jungle Juice AAA
Jungle Juice AAA September 20, 2023

I found the strain to be more danky and pungent. Coughed a lot the strain was a bit harsh for being AAA.
JellyBell - avatar JellyBell
Green Crack AA
Green Crack AA September 20, 2023

I got two OZ mix and match , the Green Crack was the best out of the mix . So I ordered two OZ of just Green Crack and these nugs are really nice. Mostly medium size, 1 inch and slightly larger . It smells like sweet kush , and has a smooth and earthy exhale with a bit of a sweet pine after taste. I have smoked Green crack before , this is closer to AAA I think . Regardless it is a Great deal for the quality and would recommend this if you like earthy kush strains .
Nate780 - avatar Nate780

I have tried lots of different psilocybin capsules and find these to be the strongest and at a great price! Can’t go wrong with these whether you’re experienced or not
EastCoast4Life - avatar EastCoast4Life
Delta 8 THC Distillate Syringe
Delta 8 THC Distillate Syringe September 20, 2023

I ordered a few of these with my flavoured distillate orders and find them to be as potent and cheaper! Good stuff
EastCoast4Life - avatar EastCoast4Life
Gas Monkey AA
Gas Monkey AA September 18, 2023

These medium size dense nugs smell amazing and smoke nice. This one is a heavy high that puts you right off to sleep.
Ky - avatar Ky
Blue Dream AA
Blue Dream AA September 18, 2023

This is a GREAT day time smoke, take the edge off and gives me an uplifting feeling that keeps me motivated. Is smooth to smoke and has a delicious light note.
Ky - avatar Ky

Good deal
Chill174 - avatar Chill174
Rockstar Tuna Shatter
Rockstar Tuna Shatter September 17, 2023

Strong might make you cough lol
Chill174 - avatar Chill174
Northern Lights AA
Northern Lights AA September 17, 2023

Classic smoke great for naps lol
Chill174 - avatar Chill174
God Bud AA
God Bud AA September 17, 2023

This one always holds up. Even AA
Chill174 - avatar Chill174
Wedding Cake AA
Wedding Cake AA September 17, 2023

Good daytime smoke. Has a nice light flavor
Chill174 - avatar Chill174
Blue Dream AA
Blue Dream AA September 17, 2023

Decent good for aa
Chill174 - avatar Chill174

Love a good variety pack, especially when they go on sale
Chill174 - avatar Chill174
Jungle Juice AAA
Jungle Juice AAA September 17, 2023

Bit dry but otherwise good.
Chill174 - avatar Chill174