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West Coast Supply Reviews
4.9 Stars – Based on 5254  User Reviews
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Total Reviews: 5267

Good, recommend it. died with some still inside but thats normal
Tiago Costa - avatar Tiago Costa
Black Gorilla AAAA
Black Gorilla AAAA October 1, 2022

Good weed
bourdon450 - avatar bourdon450
Gorilla Glue #4 Shatter
Gorilla Glue #4 Shatter September 29, 2022

Very nice product…..will buy again! Again!
TiGuyLeGrand - avatar TiGuyLeGrand

Another good thing about westcoast, the chocolate bring magic to your senses… listen to music with that!
TiGuyLeGrand - avatar TiGuyLeGrand
Apollo Edibles 1000mg
Apollo Edibles 1000mg September 29, 2022

Perfect way to make a bad day into a good one… will buy again!
TiGuyLeGrand - avatar TiGuyLeGrand
Comatose Shatter
Comatose Shatter September 29, 2022

100% will buy again, in fact just bought again!
TiGuyLeGrand - avatar TiGuyLeGrand
Orange Crush AA
Orange Crush AA September 29, 2022

Enjoyed it
Christopher Macdonald - avatar Christopher Macdonald
Criminal + AAA
Criminal + AAA September 28, 2022

Has a subtle fruity smell, and smokes real nice. Effect lasts a while
Chill174 - avatar Chill174

I use these to refill my vape pods, product is absolutely potent but since its Delta-8 I do not experience paranoia or any other discomfort, amazingly!

WCS you guys rock, I finally found my medicine shop.
Aria Fahimi - avatar Aria Fahimi
Rockstar Tuna AAA
Rockstar Tuna AAA September 26, 2022

huge nugs, great product everytime
M K - avatar M K
Huckleberry Soda AAA
Huckleberry Soda AAA September 25, 2022

deep purple buds on the smaller side , I only got a eighth though. I enjoyed the taste, kinda like dr.pepper, the cherry flavour was followed by a spicy earthiness, very tasty! Nice relaxing effect that wasn’t overwhelming. Very nice. Thank-you west coast supply
GMan82 - avatar GMan82
Purple Afghan Kush AAA
Purple Afghan Kush AAA September 25, 2022

Nice buds and it’s pretty good
Robert333 - avatar Robert333
Lemon Kush AAA
Lemon Kush AAA September 25, 2022

I would say this strain is one of the better triple A’s on here.
Robert333 - avatar Robert333
Purple God Strain AAA
Purple God Strain AAA September 25, 2022

Good buzz but a little dry
Robert333 - avatar Robert333
Khalifa Kush AAA
Khalifa Kush AAA September 25, 2022

Nice smoke but find buzz not as strong as the description
Robert333 - avatar Robert333
Animal Crackers AAA
Animal Crackers AAA September 25, 2022

Nice smoke and decent buzz
Robert333 - avatar Robert333
THC Distillate Syringe
THC Distillate Syringe September 25, 2022

Good quality and at a good price
Robert333 - avatar Robert333
Rockstar Tuna AAA
Rockstar Tuna AAA September 25, 2022

Nice big buds
Robert333 - avatar Robert333
Do Si Dos AAA
Do Si Dos AAA September 25, 2022

Bought this on sale for half price and it is amazing stuff! Strong hit but a laid back feeling when the high levels. Great strain and price
EastCoast4Life - avatar EastCoast4Life
Slurricane AAAA
Slurricane AAAA September 25, 2022

I really like this strain. Great buzz, great price!
Lisa k - avatar Lisa k
Chocolate Mint OG AAA
Chocolate Mint OG AAA September 23, 2022

not bad for the price, looks good tastes great (hints of chocolate and mint). nice mellow buzz that flows through your body, it helped with my arthritis and back pain. thank you west coast. im a little delayed on this reveiw, batch from August 2022.
GMan82 - avatar GMan82

Great way to sample different strains! Incredible hulk so far is the only one that doesn’t work on me!
Minzylove101 - avatar Minzylove101
Huckleberry Soda AAA
Huckleberry Soda AAA September 22, 2022

Earthy. Dark. Different tasting but good
Kate Wade - avatar Kate Wade
Blackberry Breath AAAAA
Blackberry Breath AAAAA September 22, 2022

Very aromatic. Nice and relaxing
Kate Wade - avatar Kate Wade
Blackberry Breath AAAAA
Blackberry Breath AAAAA September 22, 2022

High quality product
Kate Wade - avatar Kate Wade