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West Coast Supply Reviews
4.9 Stars – Based on 5254  User Reviews
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Total Reviews: 4763
Vanilla ICE AAA
Vanilla ICE AAA May 18, 2022

Was pretty bricked in the bag, subtle smell of vanilla, very calm high
Chill174 - avatar Chill174
White Castle AAAA
White Castle AAAA May 18, 2022

Smaller buds, great sale pricing. Not too shabby
Chill174 - avatar Chill174
Black Nuken AA
Black Nuken AA May 18, 2022

Has an interesting smell and decent high. Nice purple nugs too
Chill174 - avatar Chill174
Royal Cookies AAAA
Royal Cookies AAAA May 18, 2022

Tasted like it needed to be flushed.
Jamesbremner902 - avatar Jamesbremner902

I’ve been smoking this herb the past month and has been amazing. It’s a hybrid but I’ve been using it as a daily smoke. I smoke this stuff and go to the gym at 5AM and then work! Great smoke and smells incredible.
amazonstud - avatar amazonstud
Lemon Sour Diesel AAA
Lemon Sour Diesel AAA May 18, 2022

Ahhhhhh pure bliss
Donkey Butter AAA
Donkey Butter AAA May 18, 2022

There’s nothing better than butter….donkey butter that is
G13 AA
G13 AA May 18, 2022

This was a surprize Very happy with this strain
Fatso AA
Fatso AA May 16, 2022

I suffer from insomnia brought on by PTSD, but my mental illness is no match for this weed. After 1 fat bowl, I giggled while trying to stand up and make it to bed. 10/10 perfect for the job.
Keara - avatar Keara
Cheese AA
Cheese AA May 16, 2022

This one really smells like cheese; strange but delicious! I brought my bag to a house party and it was a big hit, everyone enjoyed the relaxing effects, as it’s relaxing without being a couch-lock weed
Keara - avatar Keara

Ordered these for a friend who is new to edibles. They said they taste just like Fuzzy Peaches, and they weren’t too strong. They were able to have 2 as a new consumer and enjoyed the effects (great for sleep)
Keara - avatar Keara
Pink Rockstar AAA
Pink Rockstar AAA May 16, 2022

The smell was very intense and the bud was super fresh! This one is great for falling asleep or just relieving stress.
Keara - avatar Keara
Ms.Universe AAAA
Ms.Universe AAAA May 13, 2022

Nice strong, but clear head high. Big nugs
Chill174 - avatar Chill174
Bruce Banner AAAA
Bruce Banner AAAA May 13, 2022

Legit potent and buds are so dense they plug my grinder. Top Drawer
Chill174 - avatar Chill174
Royal Cookies AAAA
Royal Cookies AAAA May 13, 2022

Delicious smell, but need a few more days of flushing,
Chill174 - avatar Chill174
Pink Death AAAA
Pink Death AAAA May 13, 2022

Smooth smoke with a nice nose. Not bad at all
Chill174 - avatar Chill174
Shiskaberry AAA
Shiskaberry AAA May 11, 2022

Really good stuff. Great smell and taste.
Jamesbremner902 - avatar Jamesbremner902

Good quality, nice buds.
Jamesbremner902 - avatar Jamesbremner902

I bought 2 and they work great. No button as description says. However the battery last very long each charge. I’d buy again
Brian Parker - avatar Brian Parker
Lemon Sour Diesel AAA
Lemon Sour Diesel AAA May 9, 2022

I love the smell it looks so amazing and the smoke is fine as heck
Obie316 - avatar Obie316
Big Skunk AA
Big Skunk AA May 9, 2022

Like the taste in the bong nice hi too
Obie316 - avatar Obie316
Bubba Kush AA
Bubba Kush AA May 9, 2022

Very good and I love the color
Obie316 - avatar Obie316
Rockstar AA
Rockstar AA May 8, 2022

Great budget strain. I’ve bought large quantities before and yet take it as the free gift when I can!
Kurtis Bromley - avatar Kurtis Bromley

I got the pink lemonade and it was pretty good. Tasted good and made me a bit drowsy
Marley Peterkin - avatar Marley Peterkin
Maui Wowie Shatter
Maui Wowie Shatter May 8, 2022

I got this as a free gift and it was great! Really nice taste
Marley Peterkin - avatar Marley Peterkin