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West Coast Supply Reviews
4.9 Stars – Based on 5254  User Reviews
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Total Reviews: 5451
THC Blasts Gummies 200mg
THC Blasts Gummies 200mg December 6, 2022

I like the sour peach flavour best. Really nice to take before bec
ZeeG - avatar ZeeG
Live Resin - 7 grams
Live Resin – 7 grams December 6, 2022

The purple God was really tasty and nice before bed
ZeeG - avatar ZeeG
Costa Rican Magic Mushrooms
Costa Rican Magic Mushrooms December 5, 2022

As described above
A cap and a few stems made things interesting for a couple hours…
RocknRoll - avatar RocknRoll
Godfather OG AA
Godfather OG AA December 5, 2022

…tad dry, but that was easily solved…and a few more ‘sticks’ that aren’t doing anybody any good – great strain
RocknRoll - avatar RocknRoll
Hawaiian Haze AA
Hawaiian Haze AA December 5, 2022

…a good day time get arounder
RocknRoll - avatar RocknRoll
Alien Tarantula AAAAA
Alien Tarantula AAAAA December 5, 2022

One of the few that I love
3uclide - avatar 3uclide

I will buy this again.
Notme - avatar Notme
Bubba Gum AA
Bubba Gum AA December 3, 2022

Great quality for the price. Average in taste Bud size was good.
A - avatar A
Cheesecake AA
Cheesecake AA December 3, 2022

Very high quality weed with great THC content. One of the goto strains for sure and usually on sale.
A - avatar A
Ghost Train Haze AA
Ghost Train Haze AA December 3, 2022

Excellent sativa nice size buds. Taste and quality was good. Worth the price.
A - avatar A
Huckleberry Soda AAA
Huckleberry Soda AAA December 3, 2022

Just like the picture very purple all over. Hard to find a true purple strain. Flavor was average but THC content was good.
A - avatar A
Wedding Cake AA
Wedding Cake AA December 3, 2022

Excellent quality strain. High THC content and usually a good flavor
A - avatar A
Ghost Train Haze AA
Ghost Train Haze AA December 3, 2022

This weed was soooo good! The buds were big and full of TH!
Really appreciated my buzz
slushseasonwitch - avatar slushseasonwitch
Live Resin - Gram
Live Resin – Gram December 3, 2022

i’ve had a few different strains now and they’ve all been awesome! fruity pebbles is a fave for sure
dankmommy - avatar dankmommy
Caramel Candy Kush AAAA
Caramel Candy Kush AAAA December 3, 2022

really dense sticky buds, and the high is reeeeally nice. definitely good value for the price 🙂
dankmommy - avatar dankmommy
Huckleberry Soda AAA
Huckleberry Soda AAA December 3, 2022

the first time I ordered this strain I loved it so much, it tasted great, beautiful purple buds, and a really nice high. the second time around it wasn’t nearly as good 🙁 the high was still nice but the taste was much different and not nearly as yummy. might not be a big deal for some people but this particular flavour isn’t my favourite
dankmommy - avatar dankmommy
Gelato AA
Gelato AA December 1, 2022

This was great all around bud , good for any time of the day
Schwifty - avatar Schwifty
Death Star OG AA
Death Star OG AA December 1, 2022

Loved the taste and the name
Schwifty - avatar Schwifty
Master Kush AA
Master Kush AA December 1, 2022

Very good bud at a very good price as always
Schwifty - avatar Schwifty
Alaskan Thunder Fuck AAA
Alaskan Thunder Fuck AAA November 28, 2022

I love this ATF. Such a nice high, one of my favorites
Kara Gerlock - avatar Kara Gerlock
Free Weed Eighth Sample
Free Weed Eighth Sample November 27, 2022

The free sample was the best weed in the entire order. 6 x 14grams of different strains ordered were all pretty much bunk. The Death Bubba which is one of my faves was the only weed with flavor but beyond dried out, turned to powder when cutting up. I believe the free sample was called Blue Dream, nice buds and pretty tasty. The only positive from this order.
Diane Hunt - avatar Diane Hunt

Fantastic, these are strong and hit you like a ton of bricks when they kick in.
Maura - avatar Maura
Enigma Magic Mushroom
Enigma Magic Mushroom November 23, 2022

Excellent quality little nuggets. Quite strange in appearance. Very potent.
A - avatar A
Nummy Bears 500mg
Nummy Bears 500mg November 22, 2022

Very good – can’t even taste the THC. It’s one of the best I’ve had so far (was having issues finding my words there lol) very good
Chantal Hjorleifson - avatar Chantal Hjorleifson
Godfather OG AA
Godfather OG AA November 22, 2022

Very nice – fat buds and crystaly
Chantal Hjorleifson - avatar Chantal Hjorleifson