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Nowadays, you can immediately enjoy cannabis without having to prepare joints with pre-rolls. It is a common suggestion to cannabis newcomers to start with pre-rolls as they do not require the selection of rolling paper and leaf and nimble hands to prepare. Safe, discreet and can easily be disposed of responsibly after use, pre-rolls are practical and convenient.      West Coast Supply’s pre-rolls consist of the choicest blend of high-quality flower, oil, and kief for smooth, consistent, and slow-burning. The flowers have been hand-selected for potency, flavor, and essence. As with our other products, our pre-rolls passed strict processing and rigorous quality assessment for your maximum enjoyment.  

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Pre-Rolls - 5 Pack

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Pre-Rolls - 20 Pack

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Mix & Match Pre-Rolls - 25 Pack

4.88 out of 5
16 Reviews