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Here is how you can differentiate between Weed and Hash!

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Almost all the newbies in the cannabis world are often confused between Hash and Weed. And that is the reason we decided to write this article to help you differentiate between the two by-products of cannabis. Are you also among the ones who think that Hash and Weed are interchangeable words? Well, then you must continue to read this blog to know more before you buy hash online

What do you understand by hash?

Hash is also referred to as Hashish, which is basically an extracted portion of cannabis that is prepared by separating the resin part from the buds or leaves. Although there are several ways of preparing has, all of them involve the separation of trichomes by pressing the leaves or buds in balls, blocks, coins, or cylinders. As a result, you will obtain a concentrated form of cannabis along with unique effects and added flavors. 

Some of the traditional forms of Hashish are obtained from parts of India, Afghanistan, and Morocco. The Moroccan and Afghan Hash was prepared by running the dried parts of the marijuana plant through sieves. Due to the gentle friction application through the sieves, the trichomes are easily separated from the dried plant part materials for the preparation of kief. The kief is then further pressed as well as heated for the production of dark, creamy, potent hashish blocks. 

In India, the procedure of hash production is quite different. Here people took the live cannabis buds or the leaves to roll them in between their hands. The friction and heat produced between the palms will cause the separation of the trichomes from the original plant material, and result in the formation of dark and thick resin on the hands. Later this adhesive residue is collected and rolled into balls and then sold in the name of charas. The other two forms of hash include –BHO, bubble hash, and rosin. Therefore, know well about the products before you buy hash online

What do you understand by weed?

The dried parts of the cannabis plant are typically referred to as weed. In almost all the parts of the world, weed is prepared out of cannabis flowers that have been well cured and dried up and are all set to smoke up. They can also be used in the vaping pens, cooked or manipulated into concentrated forms. In some of the regions of the world, including Southeast Asia, and South America, you will find a product referred to as “brick-weed” that usually consists of stems, seeds, buds, and leaves, which are compressed into dark, hard blocks. 

There are various strains of cannabis available, and all of them impart the unique effects of their own. The cannabis growers, since the 1980s, have indulged in the work of manipulating and breeding various strains of cannabis in order to produce exclusive varieties that have different flavors, effects, as well as aromas. The Sativa varieties of marijuana are known for producing more euphoric and uplifting high, whereas the Indica variety produces more mellow and relaxing effects. However, one thing you need to keep in mind before you buy hash online or even weed is that the results of the strains are related to their chemical make-up rather than their genetic lineage. 

Comparison between hash and weed:

Now that you have gained basic idea about weed and hash, here is the overview of how they are different in terms of various aspects, such as:

1-Way of Preparation:

Marijuana is prepared from the female cannabis plants after they grow flowers, which are prevented from being pollinated by the male plants. Thus the buds are harvested just before they are ripened. In the present scenario, most of the weed is grown in an indoor environment by making use of the ventilation systems, specialized lights, and also nutrients to maximize the ability of the female cannabis plant to produce resin. 

Depending upon the strain of the plant, it takes for a cannabis plant 8-12 weeks to produce flowers. The female’s plants are then cut down, and the buds are taken off to dry for two weeks before they are stored in jars for the process of curing. This is an integral part of the entire procedure because it helps the buds to mature, which maximizes their flavor and level of potency. 

Hash can be further prepared in different ways, but all of them involve the separation of trichomes from the cannabis buds. We have already talked about the traditional methods of Hash preparation in India, Morocco, and Afghanistan. Rosin, whereas, is prepared by pressing the cannabis flowers in a hot press to extracts the precious, golden-colored resin. And the bubble hash is prepared by using ice water along with some physical agitation for the separation of trichomes; butane is used in the production of BHO hash. 

2-Level of Potency:

Hash is known to be more potent as compared to weed. Most of the cannabis strains available today in the market consist of 15-30% of THC. Just because the hash is prepared from tons of trichomes when compounded together, the potencies offered by them could range from 40-60%. This is one of the essential things that you should know before you buy hash online. Although the exact potency level of weed and hash will vary according to the strains from which they are prepared, the hash is always going to have a higher potency level than weed. The BHO hash is known to have a maximum concentration of THC that round up to 90%. 

3-Difference in Flavors:

You can notice a stark difference between the flavors of hash and weed. Weed imparts more fresh, herbal, and in most cases, fruity aromas and flavors, hash offers complex, spicy, and rich flavors. You need to keep in mind that the flavors of weed and hash will vary according to the type of strains used in their creation. Also, the flavor of the mixture varies based on the way it is produced.

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Bottom Line:

It doesn’t matter if you prefer smoking weed or hash; both of them have an enjoyable and unique experience to impart to the user. No matter what form of cannabis you choose to buy, make sure to know every detail about it before you make the purchase. For instance, before you purchase hash online,make sure to note its potency level, the choice of flavors that you would like, and know about its preparation method too. And then jump towards checking its quality. 

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