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Weed vs. Hashish: The Complete Comparison Guide

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Both Hashish and weed are the parts of the plant of Cannabis Sativa. One of the most significant differences between weed and Hashish is –marijuana is the dried plant parts, which includes the –flower buds. And the Hash is basically a sap obtained from the plant or paste from resin. Hash has a higher concentration of the psychoactive elements in it. But, these are just the primary differences that are almost known to the ones who buy weed online. 

However, in this article, we have stated all the essential differences that you need to know about weed and Hash before you make your purchase or use them as well. 

What is a weed, and how did it originate?

Weed is obtained from the dried flowers, seeds, leaves, and the stems of the cannabis plant. Weed is further referred to as –pot, marijuana, reefer, Mary Jane, ganja, bud, and skunk. These plant materials are regularly used to smoke in forms of joints, through water pipes, or blunts. Sometimes the dried parts of cannabis Sativa are infused in the drinks and the food items as well. 

Weed or marijuana contains about 100 cannabinoids that are similar to THC, and the substance also contains more than 500 chemicals. The weed cultivators and connoisseurs are trying to breed the cannabis plants so that they can come up with new strains of THC drug. According to the variations in the levels of THC, the tastes and effects of the potency of the weed change. Some of the other drugs, including heroin and cocaine, can be amalgamated with the joints of weed to increase its risk and the possible side effects caused by the drug. 

What is Hashish, and how is it obtained?

Hash or Hashish is derived from the dried resin or kief of the flowering parts of the mature yet unpollinated female cannabis Sativa. The resin glands of the cannabis plant are known as crystals or trichomes. The harvesting of Hashish is done by collecting the powdery forms of resin through mechanical beating or with bare hands from the plant. One of the other techniques used in the extraction of resins is by submerging the cannabis plant in icy water and then making use of the small sieves to get the resin out. 

The Hash obtained from this submersible method is generally referred to as “bubble hash.” The remaining parts of the kief are then transformed into blocks or cakes, which are then used in vaporized forms, with water pipes, or mixed with the weed joints. Therefore, when you are about to buy weed online, make sure that you are very specific about your requirements. 

Hash can be available in many forms; it either can be pliable and soft, or it can be brittle and stiff. You will come across different colors of Hash, ranging from red, black, green, brown, blonde, or yellow. Hash is sometimes used in cooking as well as the substance is easily soluble in butter, cream, or oil. And therefore, people use Hash to infuse it in brownies. 

Effects caused by Weed and Hashish on the brain:

Both Hashish and weed have a similar impact on the brain as they both are obtained from the same plant and contain THC. The effects caused by cannabis result in a mellowing “high” state of mind, which causes relaxation, a lack of motivation, euphoria, an increase in the level of appetite, lapses in memory, motor control is impaired and distorted sensory and time perceptions. 

What are the significant differences between Hashish and marijuana?

According to the Drug Enforcement Administration, Hash is a more concentrated and potent form of cannabis as compared to weed. Hash consists of higher levels of THC, which is usually more than what you can get when you buy weed online. However, in recent years the levels of THC are being increased in weed as well. Since weed consists of the parts of the plant, it has lesser potent abilities in comparison with the resin that is extracted from the cannabis plant. 

Typically, the level of THC concentration in weed ranges within 10-20%. But, in the case of Hash, the level of THC is within 20-60%. Therefore, it is going to take a lesser amount of Hashish as compared to marijuana in order to obtain the psychoactive effects of cannabinoid. If you take just one hit of Hash, it can literally go a long way. For someone who is accustomed to the lower levels of THC that are available in weed, it could be dangerous to try out Hash and expect similar results. Therefore, it would be wise of you to buy weed online. 

Side effects caused by weed and Hash:

Smoking of weed doesn’t really have many adverse effects on the body. However, the deposition of tar in the lungs is increased, which later can lead to lung cancer. The effects of both Hash and weed are the same –they result in short-term memory symptoms. However, there is no substantial evidence that the use of either of drugs can cause any form of physical addiction. You will rarely experience any withdrawal symptoms harming your body. Smoking weed or Hash is basically habitually addictive and causes the user to feel an urge or necessity to smoke it just out of sheer habit. 


It is believed by many cultures that weed has physical and spiritual benefits. According to modern scientific studies, THC helps in the reduction of nausea and pain that is associated with diseases such as AIDS or cancer. THC has also been found to be mediating the symptoms of glaucoma. 

Bottom Line:

Generally, people consider the use of marijuana or weed for the purpose of recreation as it develops a euphoric sense in the user. Physically, it is next to impossible for a person to overdose with either weed or Hashish like they could with cocaine or alcohol. However, the use of either of the products can result in anxiety, paranoia, and panic. 

Both Hashish and weed can be used by medical marijuana patients that are used for the treatment of several symptoms that include –pain, nausea, depression, swelling, and anxiety-related issues. Therefore, if you are planning to buy weed online, you must have all the essential information that is required for the buyer to know. You shouldn’t be impulsive when it comes to the intake of THC, do it only if it’s a necessity. 

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