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What is THC distillate and how to use it?

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In the last few years, cannabis, along with its byproducts, has gained ample importance. Starting from the blunts to concentrates to dabbing to vape pens to CBD strips to THC and everything else that is in between. It seems as if every other day, new forms of cannabis are being explored for us to consume cannabinoids. One such case is the introduction of THC distillate. Before you order weed online, get to know more about the THC distillate and its uses. 

You might not have come across this top-notch byproduct of cannabis. And that is the reason we decided to write down this article, which states everything you need to know about THC distillate. After you have had your piece of knowledge from this article, we believe that you are going to want to buy it. 

One of the most exciting facts about THC that makes it more wanted among the users is –it is 99% pure, which will impart you a different feeling of getting high. Read on this article to know more about THC distillate and how it can be used. 

What is THC Distillate

Typically, a distillate is the end product of a distillation process. A similar procedure is used here for the extraction of THC Distillate from the Cannabis plant. It involves the separation of the chemical components from the liquid mixture by controlling –condensation and boiling of the products. Humans have been utilizing the process of distillation for ages, especially for the distillation of alcohol. And now, the same kind of technology is being applied to marijuana. 

The process of distillation is applied to the parts of cannabis plants that aresomewhat new. And it is being done to extract the purest forms of cannabinoids. For the extraction of THC Distillate, various methods are taken into use. Thus, when you are about to order weed online,you should give THC Distillate a try too because it is known to be the most unadulterated extraction of the cannabis plant and the effects it has on your brain is a different kind of high. 

How can the THC Distillates be used?

Even though the introduction of the THC Distillates is entirely new to the world of cannabis users, the product can be used in a variety of ways. All of these methods that are mentioned here are tried and tested. 

1-Vaping Pens:

One of the simplest ways of consuming the THC distillates is through a vape pen. You will need a Vaping pen that provides you with the facility of reloading the tanks, and it should also accept a variety of solid and liquid forms of cannabis. It could be of great use if the vape pen will let you adjust the temperature as the different forms of cannabis, including –THC Distillate, wax, liquid, oil, shatter, etc. vaporize at different temperatures. If you do not want to try out a complete tank of distillate yet, you can add a few drops of THC to a cartridge for some additional kick. 

2-The Sublingual method:

It is one of the conventional and most straightforward methods of administering cannabis. You can take one or two drops of the distillate and drop it under your tongue (make sure not to swallow it) and allow the liquid to dissolve into your bloodstream. This time when you are about to place your order weed online, make sure to get a pack of THC distillate as well. When you consume the distillate part of THC sublingually, it creates psychedelic and medicinal effects way faster than when you consume it by swallowing. 

3-Use of Bong or Dab Rig:

To get a kick of high almost instantly, you can take a scoop of the hardened form of THC Distillate onto the nail of your most-loved dab rig or into the bowl of a bong and get all set to fly with the feeling of euphoria hitting your senses almost instantly. 

4-Blunt, Joint, or Spliff method:

Are you a fan of the conventional methods of cannabis consumption? Then why change your ways just for administering the THC Distillate? Instead, what you can do is scoop a small amount of thickened THC distillate and spread it on the rolling paper and create your own blunt, joint, or spliff. But, one thing you need to keep in mind is the concentration of cannabinoids is quite high in THC distillate, and you only need to take a few puffs to feel the effect of high, hitting your senses almost instantly. 

You can use blunts or joints filled with distillates in a party as they are one of the best ways of sharing puffs. If you want to take your smoking trip to the next level, you can start by sprinkling bits of kief on the top before you are rolling the joint. This will ensure a wild ride for you. Therefore, this time, when you are placing your order weed online, buy some THC distillates along with it to spruce up the smoking game. 

5-In form of Pills:

Consuming the THC distillates in the form of pills is going to be the best way of consuming the byproduct. That is because just a solid lump of THC distillate in the form of a pill is much more powerful, and the effect of it is going to last longer as compared to the traditional methods of administering marijuana. Also, solid distillate won’t require you to learn how to smoke, and it wouldn’t even emit out the unmistakable odor of marijuana. 

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Bottom Line:

The possibilities of using THC distillates are endless. There can be one, and the only limitation to their use, and that is your imagination. If you haven’t ever used the THC distillates or any other concentrated forms of cannabis, you should be extra careful before you place your order weed online. You need to take care of the number of products that your body can tolerate.

That is because THC distillate is one of the most concentrated forms of Cannabinoids, and you can get very high in a short period of time even when you consume it in minute quantities. We suggest you started with a small and slow dosage to extract all the fun out of the products and keep yourself from getting into a dangerous situation. 

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